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Personal Retreats

You need a break – NOW. Let me craft and facilitate a retreat just for you. Online, in Colorado’s beautiful front range of the Rocky Mountains, or anywhere else you like.

Bespoke retreats for one. Virtual or on location. For leaders and achievers under 40.

Personal retreats have two main objectives.

They include

  1. some intentional unwinding and recharging to walk you back from the brink and
  2. getting a handle on a specific stressor or situation and formulating a strategy for moving forward.

Basically if you are dealing with something that you know you could get your head around - if only you could take a break, and step back to get some perspective - this retreat is made for you.

Examples of specific situations and stressors:

  • dealing with a “wake-up call” health diagnosis or other serious health event that requires your immediate attention
  • a new project or responsibility that had been added to your portfolio of work
  • a major promotion that will require you to level-up your leadership competencies
  • troubleshooting a major misstep or project that has gone sideways
  • accumulated stress that is becoming an acute issue
  • a non-work-related issue or circumstance that will impact your performance at work
  • determining if quitting your current job is the path forward for you

A retreat is your opportunity to hit the reset button and clear some headspace.

We’ll start with a free 15-minute chemistry call (video or plain old phone). It’s apparent pretty quickly whether we click personality-wise and if my expertise is right for your needs. There is no obligation to work with me and I don’t do pressure sales.

Your preferences and goals dictate the structure of the retreat.

  • Prior to the retreat we’ll hold a discovery call where I’ll gather information from you. I’ll use it to craft your proposed retreat plan.
  • One to three days is typical, but longer is also fine.
  • Coaching may be in stand-alone sessions or take place during an activity.
  • No matter what you want to focus on for the retreat, tuning into your body through movement and healthy eating will be incorporated.
  • We’ll spend some time together and some time apart - but I’ll be on hand the whole time to support you.

I’ll provide you with a draft agenda and we’ll customize together from there.

  • Virtual retreats start at $2000 per day.
  • Front Range Colorado retreats start at $3500 per day, plus your travel expenses.
  • Retreats at other locations start at $4500 per day, plus my travel expenses, plus your travel expenses (if applicable).

Travel expenses refer to lodging, all modes of transportation, and parking. Meals/snacks we have together are included in your quote. Meals/snacks you have on your own are your responsibility.

A 50% deposit is required to book a retreat. 50% is due three days in advance. For on-location retreats, an invoice for my travel expenses will be presented about a week after the retreat. Prompt payment is appreciated.


We’ll each book our own, as applicable. You know your preferences for airline, seating, flight times, etc. so it typically is much more efficient than me asking you for all that information and going back and forth with you on choices.


For Colorado and locations other than your hometown, I’ll recommend some hotel options and am happy to make a reservation or to have you make your own (especially if you are using loyalty points for your stay).

Ground Transportation

If needed, I’ll arrange a car service. Otherwise taxis and Uber/Lyft will be used as needed. If you come to Colorado, I may drive us.

You know how much you need a break so cancelling will be a last resort for you. If something big does come up suddenly, you can cancel or reschedule as below.

Retreat Fees

If you need to cancel your retreat booking, you can either request a refund or apply your deposit to a new date, less a fee. If the retreat is more than 3 days out, the cancellation/rescheduling fee is $100. Within 3 days, the fee is $250 to reschedule or $750 to cancel outright.

Travel Fees

You are responsible for any cancellation/change fees from your travel providers. You will be invoiced for any change fees or non-refundable expenses that I incur from travel providers.

Other Fees

If we have scheduled any activities for you (e.g., bodywork, cooking class), you will be invoiced for any cancellation/change fees those providers have.

I focus on folks who are earlier in their careers, as I feel there are already enough coaches out there serving seasoned professionals and later-career executives.

However, if you are 40+ and feel like I might be the right coach for you, I’m happy to hold a free chemistry to see if working together makes sense.

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