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You consider yourself to be a logical person, maybe even analytical.

But on the downlow, you’re also into exploring the metaphysical.

Perhaps you're interested in guides and angels, oracle cards, energy healing, the Chakra system, crystals, or the law of attraction.

It's not that you are ashamed of your quest, but rather you know that people in your work/social/family life are judgmental about that sort of thing. Heck, if you're being completely honest, your own rational brain is a little judgy about it sometimes.

Maybe you’ve tried out some online communities or in-person events with metaphysical seekers … but found them to be, well, too new-agey for you to feel comfortable.

Welcome Home.

The Metaphysical Debrief Club is a private forum where you can reflect on your experiences and share in community with like-minded professionals.

Experience the freedom to know and be your whole self – without having to broadcast to the world that you’re into the metaphysical side of life. Meet others who are also seeking to understand the seen and unseen world around them and know how their journey fits in.

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The MDC is not accepting new members at this time.

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