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Giving Back

Pro Bono and Discounted Services for the Nonprofit Community

A small thank you for all you do.

The nonprofit community holds a special place in my heart.

As an economist, I love the concept of self-organization (i.e., not government) to solve a problem or to promote something the world needs more of, without the competing incentives that are faced by a for-profit firm. As a human, it’s just lovely to see the best of humankind in action.

If you’ve ever worked for a nonprofit, volunteered, or donated, you know the wonderful feeling of connectedness that comes with being a part of a cause. And for nonprofit achievers and leaders, connection to mission often comes with stress, depletion, and burnout.

I knew that when I eventually started coaching full-time, I wanted to include pro bono work and discounts for nonprofits in my business framework.

To demonstrate my commitment, I pledge to always keep space on my client roster for a nonprofit employee who receives my services pro bono.

Special Announcement

Nonprofit professionals can apply now for a free 4-hour coaching package. Learn More.

I will also accommodate some unpaid speaking requests from nonprofits each year. The exact number will depend largely on scheduling constraints.

To inquire about a speaking engagement, please see the Corporate tab of this website for details and topics, and then fill out my contact form – in the message body please indicate you are a nonprofit.

Nonprofits receive a discount of 20-25% depending on the service. Please see the pricing section of the Corporate tab of this website for details.

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